Due to maxing out my flickr account, I had to sign up for a photobucket account to post up pictures from Interop. I’m still trying to figure out the ins and outs of photobucket so please bare with me. For more pictures, please click here.

Here are some random videos that we took on the last day of Interop. Since it was fairly slow and quiet that day, we had a little bit of fun in our booth an hour before the show closed down.


John Merrill practicing his punches with partner John D.


Your’s truly dancing per request. Sorry, I was extremely tired.

Curt Franklin of Inside Interop stated that Xirrus was the “Most Wow Booth.” Although this is not an official title, it is a great feeling to be recognized for our hard work. It took months of planning and deliberation to pull out all the strings needed for Interop.

Interop wasn’t just a tradeshow, it was a production. We wanted to educate and explain how our product works, but in a way that grabs everyone’s attention and actually included participation. For those that came by our booth and spared us a few minutes to demonstrate what we do and how we are better than the traditional switch, we thank you.

Hopefully next year we would still be “most wow booth” and possibly have the best stuff animals or toys to give out!

More videos and photos to come!

Father Robert interviews Brian Mason on Xirrus’ new technology and plans for the future. A very informative video to watch.

Thank you Jesuits!


Xirrus booth ladies!



The audience



Georgina Vaughan posing with Oliver!



Getting down the last day of Interop



Ashlei and Mellissa keep going at it strong!


Sam Keys managing the sound for fun.



Ring girl Georgina Vaughan and announcer Ian duke it out.



Ian the announcer looking rough and tough!



But Georgina isn’t someone to mess with…



and its because she can knock out Brian Mason!

This is the Main Event of Day 3 at Interop. We have Ashlei Fosolai Vs. Mellissa LittleJohn. Personally with what I’ve seen so far, all the bouts today are the main event. Enjoy!